Famous or unknown, many artists spent their days and nights on their artworks for ages. They worked on them with the same accuracy, attention and delicate care day by day .This attentiveness is ignited by passion in the artist’s center of focus. The result is immortal art that we all admire today.

An artist needs the best quality material. He knows the slightest compromise on quality spoils both process and result. ADG Knitwear provides the perfect result from the beginning with respect its business and quality perception.

The company sees every stage of creativity and production as completing a segment of an artwork. Thus, it reaches its goal; bringing artisanship and art together.


ADG Knitwear aims to carry its leadership in Turkey to worldwide. In order to do so it follows developments closely, sees in advance its customers’ needs and produces innovative solutions.
ADG Knitwear combines its technical advances and quality perception with a new sense of design and updated educations. Thereby, it catches the era.

Today, the view of multiple and uniform production changes and gives place to products which are combinations of technical advance and design at the highest point.  ADG Knitwear is pioneering this new flow and it became the veteran of the sector about combining artisanship and art. ADG focuses on complete customer satisfaction. It believes in value of knitting and brings all the production process together under the same roof.  ADG composed its global brand customer portfolio through its workers’ experience and its current Shima Seiki machine park.

Its philosophy is actualizing creativity and inspiration in an objective and productive way. It aims to combine current production technologies with art. Thus, the requirements of new flow approach are fulfilled.


ADG Knitwear was established in 1996. Its innovative vision and ensuring complete customer satisfaction provided to be one of the leader knitwear production companies in a short time.

The company applies a service concept beyond the age by combining technical opportunities and quality sense. With investments to the education, machinery and Sampling Departmant ADG makes these concepts possible. It completes all the process from design to loading under the same roof; this provides supervising all the stages of process and preserving the same level of quality standard.

ADG Knitwear who combines artisanship with art, gains its power from the perfect functioning of quality –focused organization. As a result of this, the high quality products are offered to the worldwide brands.


Like an immortal painting begins with a strong inspiration and quality dye; knitting art starts with a strong design and quality material. Carefully selected yarn is passed from winding frame. During this process yarn is rubbed with wax in order to be softened. The result is a high quality soft yarn that is processed by the machine better.Knitting is a process that like a painter starts with quality brush to his artwork, ADG uses high performance Japanese brand Shima Seiki and high quality Esay Intersia machines, the best known brand of the sector. Esay Intersia actualizes the sophisticated results like a painter’s fine brush emphasizes details of the painting. Furthermore, Intersia machines can process the different thickness of yarn and can apply different knitting techniques and creates all visions to be real.

Washing and Knit Control sections are the irreplaceable parts of the knitting art. The two sections are functioning at the highest global standardization within ADG Company. Washing is an art in itself. It is as if making colors of a painting smoother and making them harmonious. Knit Control section is one of the most subtle parts of the production stage. This section is absent at most of the companies but this is the irreplaceable section for ADG Knitwear. Like an experienced artist’s sharp look that determines a tiny failing point easily on a canvas, Knit Control section prevents the future problems of product.

Embroidery printing, sewing and button – button holding are the next stages of production. These are the last finishing touches of the production journey that begins with inspiration and high quality materials.

Ironing and packing section is the last stage of process. It is as if the last look to the artwork. All of the products are checked one by one with the light quality control machine. Every product is ironed by a manual boiler ironing board, laser press ironing and packed. Finally, every product is passed from metal detector.


Capacity & Production Details

  • Factory Established
  • Yearly Capacity
    3.000.000 pcs
  • Knitting Machines
    148 pcs
  • Production Leadtime
    4-6-8 Weeks
  • Production Area
    6000 m2
  • Total Employee


An artwork is exhibited all over the world and is admired by everybody. ADG Knitwear aims to provide the similar quality and carefully produced products to the global brands and makes it its priority. ADG expresses its power with quality instead of numbers. ADG wishes to create and to dress the world.


  • Company Info

    ADG Triko Tekstil San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

  • Adress
    Mona Binası, Yalçın Koreş Caddesi, No:8
    Güneşli / İstanbul – TURKEY
  • Phone

    + 90 212 655 47 00 (Pbx)

  • Fax

    + 90 212 655 32 07

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